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Have You Experienced the Joy of Custom Tailored Clothing?

Many people believe custom tailoring is beyond their budget and end up settling for stock clothing. While our custom tailoring is a mark above, consider this:

We save you time and stress.

Ever wasted hours in the store trying on all brands and styles still not finding what you want?

We offer you personal choice.

Everyone has a different shape, kind of like a fingerprint. We cater to that when designing your custom garment.

"Owning custom tailored clothing makes me look and feel my best and is worth my investment."

   -Philip, customer


Book An Appointment And Stop By To Enjoy Our Custom Tailoring Process

Our Goal Is To save you Time And Produce A Perfect Fitting Garment As Individual As Your Fingerprint 

This appointment takes about 30 minutes. We advise you on various elements of your garment based on your body shape and posture. You also have selection of the finest fabrics available.

Hundreds Of Fabrics To Choose From! Select Your Fabrics And Style Your Garments To Your Own Personal Taste! We Will Make It A Pleasant Experience For You!

We service all your custom clothing needs offering custom tailored suits, sport coats,  trousers, topcoats,  

 tuxedos, dress shirts, and casual sport shirts

Anticipate The Arrival Of Your Custom Tailored Garment

Your measurements are stored safely in our database, you can order new apparel and have it shipped to you at anytime.

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